Flipemz a 2 in 1 Plush Toy for Any Sweetheart

Flipemz a 2 in 1 Plush Toy for Any Sweetheart

“Give the gift of cuddly cuteness for Valentines Day with Flipemz. This 2 in 1 toy is great for any sweetheart in your life.  Their adorable faces flip into many different characters and our kids just love them! These teddy bears are a great gift for any kid or person who you want to cheer up this year.

Currently with 10 different characters and more coming soon! Please check them all out. We welcome your feedback! Please let us know what you think about our Flipemz line at  customerservice@flipemz.com.

Flipemz Happy Sad Bear

 “Happy to Sad bear is just the cutest! This plush teddy bear flips from Harper the happy bear to Shane the sad bear for all of life’s ups and downs.  The little embroidered blue tear is just the cutest thing ever.”

Flipemz Princess Kitty

“Kitty to Princess Kitty is “PURRfect”  for the cat fan and diva in your life.  This sweet and soft plush toy flips from a lavender kitty into a magical princess with bedazzled cape and crown.”

Flipemz Super Bear

“Super Bear is sure to be a favorite for any adventure loving kiddo in your life. This plush teddy bear makes a great gift and then flips into everyone’s favorite superhero bear with bright red cape and mask. Give the gift of imagination and adventure this Valentine’s day.

Flipemz Pink Horse Unicorn

Hailey the Horse is ready to be your newest pal! She’s bright and cuddly and happy to horse around with you. But when you want someone even brighter, you can flip her face and in just a few seconds she becomes Uma the Unicorn!

Flipemz Vampire Bear

Bailey the Bear can’t wait to spend his days with you! Whether you’re out and about or hibernating, he’s happy to be there with you. But when you’re ready for nighttime, flip his face over so that he becomes Bruce the Bat, ready to explore the skies!

Flipemz Pink Butterfly Fairy Bear

Bethany the Bear is the best cuddle buddy! She’s soft and sweet, always there for you when you need a friend. But when you need someone a little more magical, flip her face and she’ll quickly become Bluebell the Fairy Bear!

Flipemz PolarBear Snowman

Patrick the Polar Bear is just who you need to stay warm in the winter! With his thick white fur, he’ll be the perfect buddy for relaxing inside away from the cold temperatures. But when you want to embrace the cold, simply flip his face and he becomes Stan the Snowman!

Flipemz Gingerbread Reindeer

Blizzard the Reindeer is your happy holiday pal! He’s always ready to prance around, spreading the spirit of the season. But when you’re ready for a different kind of festivity, just flip his face so that he becomes Graham the Gingerbread Man!

Flipemz Asleep Awake Bear

Alan the Awake Bear is always up and ready to go! No matter where your day takes you, he’s always prepared to keep you company. But when you’re ready to call it a night, just flip his face over and he becomes Spencer the Sleeping Bear.

Flipemz Zombie Flip Bear

Benjamin the Bear is your calm, carefree buddy! He likes taking it easy and having a good time, making him a great bear to have around. But when you’re looking for something a little crazier, you can flip his face so that he’ll become Zachary the Zombie Bear!”

Stop by Flipemz to pick out your favorite character or 2, shipping is currently free and there are 10 characters to choose from.  More coming soon! 

Visit Flipemz on their website and social media below:

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